Taking the necessary steps

Today, I signed up at PubCrawl for a possible match up in search of a critique partner.  I have put off searching for a crit partner for over a year now due to my hectic schedule and how little time I was able… Read More

When dialogue contradicts behavior

As I drove home from work the other day, I came upon a construction crew working on a little bridge which filtered traffic down to one lane. I’d slowed to a crawl as the worker, decked out in a neon green vest,… Read More

Believe in yourself!

Today, I only have a simple uplifting message that I hope you will reflect on. We as writers have a ton of insecurities to deal with. The biggest one being the little evil editorial voice within that says everything you write is,… Read More

Using Pinterest for writing inspiration

I am a Pinterest addict…well, I’m a recovering Pinterest addict that is. There are too many visual feasts to possibly devour in one sitting, so reoccurring visits are darn near mandatory. I browse it for numerous reasons such as gardening tips, recipes,… Read More

There’s no market for that.

The first writing conference I attended was online.  You had to have either Young Adult or Middle Grade stories in order to get feedback or participate on forums.  There was a discussion panel made up of publishers, agents, and authors of children’s books where… Read More

Answering questions about my work- then and now

It’s a good idea to have responses in mind when answering questions about your work.  Not only will you need to have these questions down pat when pitching to agents or publishers, but it will help you with the other aspects of submitting… Read More

A post about writing a post

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel a certain amount of frustration when I see the amount of blog posts wading in the pile of drafts, just daring me to hit publish. But I cant.  Because there’s just.  something.  missing. Maybe it’s not… Read More

Leave it alone!

Here are my thoughts on immediately revising a first draft: Don’t do it. Just don’t. Let it sit for a while. Take the time to work on other projects, get caught up on your to read list…do anything but revise that infantile… Read More

Word of the day…Positivity

Well, it’s not the easiest thing to achieve, so how does one do it when they are knee-deep in revisions or just barely staying afloat through the rough draft? Try giving credit where credit is due.  I think  many times we as writers undervalue… Read More

Beating the block

Not sure how it happens for others, but writer’s block seems to kick into high gear when my stress levels have reached dangerously high altitudes. When I’m on the brink of tossing it all out the window, I take a step back… Read More