Absolute Write Water Cooler

Whether you are searching for feedback, looking to connect with other writers, or have a question about anything writerly, I’m quite certain you will find it here. http://absolutewrite.com/forums/forum.php These forums cover a mash of topics including: Internal writing contests and projects, external… Read More

Agent Query Connect

The following topics/categories are at  http://agentqueryconnect.com/ AQ Connect – Query Letter & Hook Corner AQ Connect – Query Critiques AQ Connect – Query Critique Corner Want feedback on your query letter? Create a discussion thread and post your query. Request query critiques from… Read More

If you haven’t stopped by Pub(lishing) Crawl, now would be a good time!

Who are these awesome folks, you may ask? They are a group of authors and publishing professionals, formerly known as Let the Words Flow who blog about all things reading, writing, books, and occasionally booze. (Their words, not mine) I can’t say… Read More

YA blogs you have to check out!

http://www.adventuresinyapublishing.com/ Young Adult Fiction, YA Book Giveaways, Advice from Young Adult Authors, Plus Writing Tips, Publishing Information, and Insider Tidbits Plus contests and workshops!! 5 pages workshop: How cool is this? They open submissions and participants are mentored by two published authors… Read More


I’m slightly straying from my blogging schedule, but I feel it’s completely worth it. Home What is WriteOnCon? WriteOnCon is a three-day online children’s book conference for writers and illustrators of picture books, middle grade, young adult, and even new adult. It… Read More

Balancing writing, family, and a full time job

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned while tackling my current WIP is how to better allocate my time.  This seems like a simple enough task, but for me, it has been a long-standing struggle.  I didn’t want to give up… Read More

James Patterson- Master Class

As I finish the last of the notes I took during this course, my one take away is…I finished an outline.  That is a first for me, so obviously this course helped.  I loved the way the information was presented via prerecorded… Read More

Happy NaNoWriMo!

To all of you who’ve decided to embark on this journey, I commend you and will totally support you! (look me up, hboland) I’m also insanely nervous about actually completing a novel in 30 days. I encourage any writer who’s decided to commit to… Read More

Fabulous idea! Unfortunately picked up a few spammers along the way via comments, but this girl has got the right idea…be kind and kindness will find you back.

What is an old soul?

And how can you use this to help with characterization? I’m an old soul.  I’ve known this since I was in grade school…since I could conceptualize what a soul was…or at least that’s what I recall.  I related with my older peers better… Read More