Absolute Write Water Cooler

Whether you are searching for feedback, looking to connect with other writers, or have a question about anything writerly, I’m quite certain you will find it here. http://absolutewrite.com/forums/forum.php These forums cover a mash of topics including: Internal writing contests and projects, external… Read More

What is an old soul?

And how can you use this to help with characterization? I’m an old soul.  I’ve known this since I was in grade school…since I could conceptualize what a soul was…or at least that’s what I recall.  I related with my older peers better… Read More

Character profiles

Aside from the physical basics, the following are questions that may assist with an in-depth sketch: -what is their motivation throughout the story- think of their motives at the beginning, middle, and end -what are some traits you admire -what are some… Read More

Do writing short-cuts exist?

I heard this question posed in a chat room and while the rest of the room flooded that individual with the correct do’s and don’ts of writing, I sat silent. It was a good question. Then I began to think about my… Read More