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AQ Connect – Query Letter & Hook Corner
AQ Connect – Query Critiques
AQ Connect – Query Critique Corner Want feedback on your query letter? Create a discussion thread and post your query. Request query critiques from fellow AQ Connect members. But remember, be prepared to pay it forward.
6,811 topics
114,912 replies
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AQ Connect – Hook Critique Group
AQ Connect – Hook Critique Corner  Got hook? How ’bout in 140 characters or less? Practice summarizing your book into one concise sentence.
564 topics
3,860 replies
AQ Connect – Examples of Successful Queries
AQ Connect – Examples of Successful Queries   Here’s the place to post those queries that got you requests for partials, fulls, and even book deals.
173 topics
2,245 replies

AQ Connect – The Synopsis Critique (and How-to Q’s)
AQ Connect – Synopsis Critique  Post your one-page synopsis (maximum 1000 words) here for feedback from the AQ Connect community.
1,103 topics
6,849 replies

AQ Connect – 250 Words – What Do You Think?
AQ Connect – 250 WordsShare 250 Words for feedback.   The opening of your novel. Something you wrote five minutes ago. Promo blurb for your book. Anything goes…so long as it’s only 250 words.

If this sounds like a place you’d want to visit (which I highly recommend doing so), please use the following link:


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