I came home from work the other day and my teenage daughter was holding a lump in her shirt. Before I could even comment on noticing it, she said, “Can we keep it?” I mindlessly set my keys on the counter and she pulled a kitten out from under her shirt…said she found it in a neighbor’s yard. Well, knowing the neighbors around us quite well, I knew none of them had cats. Ergo, no cats…no kittens…so a door to door, “Did you misplace a kitten,” was out. I knew what this meant. Hell, even my husband, who has been anti-cat throughout all of our life together was now parading on my daughter’s side. Is this kitten the most adorable, sweetest thing ever? Yes. Am I furiously allergic? Yes. So now my question is, after I take her to the vet, do I try to find her a good home right away, while she’s still little and most likely to be adopted? Or do I take stock in Claritin and hope for the best?

While this predicament gets to plague me for a while, it also makes me think how great of an example this would be for character conflict. Wanting something so badly even when your body is saying “um, no.” While this doesn’t apply to my current WIP, I will hold onto this for a future project. If for no other reason than a writing prompt. Feel free to imagine what you would do in this situation (and please share, because I’m really on the fence here!)