Believe in yourself!

Today, I only have a simple uplifting message that I hope you will reflect on.

We as writers have a ton of insecurities to deal with. The biggest one being the little evil editorial voice within that says everything you write is, well, crap. And who are you to argue? It is total crap, right?

I’m telling you the answer is no, that is not right!

And how would I know that?

It’s simple. Every writer everywhere, at any level, has something they like…one chapter, one progression, one scene, or heck, even one sentence that has been owned. The one that you step back and say, damn, that was good. Use that. Every time you feel like you shouldn’t be writing, or you’re not good enough or whatever other insecurities your evil editor points out about your insufficiencies…use that little piece of pride and remember…you can do it!

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