Using Pinterest for writing inspiration

I am a Pinterest addict…well, I’m a recovering Pinterest addict that is. There are too many visual feasts to possibly devour in one sitting, so reoccurring visits are darn near mandatory. I browse it for numerous reasons such as gardening tips, recipes, DIY’s, hobbies… the list goes on, but most importantly for me, I use it to create story boards that inspire and fuel my writing.

While using Pinterest for writing may be old news to some, originally when I joined Pinterest, it wasn’t widely known to many writers as the wonderful tool it is. At that time, it was an under-the-radar site in which you had to receive an invitation to join or put in a request that would need to be accepted before pinning. At first, I didn’t truly understand its full potential, but once I stumbled upon an image that screamed TPR, aka my first WIP, it was pretty obvious how easy it could be to draw inspiration. And so the obsession began.

There are many ways to have a presence on Pinterest, some writers will use it to promote their blogs, books, or gain readership. However, the purpose for this post today is not to promote anything, but rather share some extremely helpful writing boards with numerous tips, prompts, and quotes to keep you motivated. Here are a couple of boards to get you started:

Once you’ve browsed these, feel free to peruse other boards and discover the wealth of info available. Be warned though, it can be extremely habit forming.

Best of luck and happy writing!

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