Word of the day…Positivity

Well, it’s not the easiest thing to achieve, so how does one do it when they are knee-deep in revisions or just barely staying afloat through the rough draft?

Try giving credit where credit is due.  I think  many times we as writers undervalue our work.  Especially as it morphs through the critique cycle.  Nothing says throw it out the window like ten critiques that point out the same little obvious errors you should have caught the third time you read it.
So how do you keep a positive mind frame through this whole process?  What nugget of ancient wisdom can you tap into so the whole mental breakdown phase doesn’t occur?
Fall back on this, “You know you can write, so just do it!”  Sift through your MS and find a paragraph or two of something you wrote that you are truly proud of.   
I have two such paragraphs from different WIP’s that I still admire to this day.  One is a description and they other is part of an action scene.  So when I get stressed out and start to feel like I should be doing anything besides writing, I cue up those paragraphs and read them over until I understand that I am capable of doing it.  And sometimes, the smallest amount of encouragement is all it takes to get back on track.
Also, I feel it’s important to have a support group (or a blog that you can freely voice your insecurities via written words)  Either way, it can be therapeutic to know you’re not alone and there are other writers willing to listen and reach out if you need a helping hand.  I’m listing a few sites to find that very encouragement in addition to inviting you to comment on what you do to keep a positive attitude.
http://agentqueryconnect.com/    Hit the forums-a wealth of knowledge along with support from fellow writers
http://absolutewrite.com/forums/index.php     find your genre forum right away and get connected
http://www.critiquecircle.com/     get your work critiqued for free and meet other writers

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