Beating the block

Not sure how it happens for others, but writer’s block seems to kick into high gear when my stress levels have reached dangerously high altitudes. When I’m on the brink of tossing it all out the window, I take a step back and run through this checklist to regain the control my muse has so easily given up.

The following are helpful tips used by many writers to beat the block:

1) Make a list of everything you need to accomplish in a week that does not include writing. Whether that be grocery lists, cleaning, kid’s activities, books waiting to be read, prior engagements, bills to be paid. Whatever it is, get it down on paper so you can start checking them off one by one.

2) Clear your mind. Meditate, go for a stroll, a run, or visit someplace quiet that will allow you to gather your thoughts without interruption. Anything that will allow you to relax your mind.

3) Reread the chapter preceding the block. Does anything feel forced? If so, focus on why. What are the characters in that scene trying to tell you? If it nothing is popping out at you, then visualize three different ways the scene could play out (The more outlandish and ridiculous the better) By doing this you get an idea of what won’t work for the story and just maybe you’ll see what will work. And if all else fails, skip it and write the scene that you do want to write. You can always go back during revisions and find the awesome bridge between the two scenes and maybe even be excited to write it. 

What do you do to beat the block?

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