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If you haven’t checked out this site yet, I highly recommend doing so.

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FEATURED AGENT: Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency

Excerpt from



Nicole has been listed by Publisher’s Marketplace as a top dealmaker in the country, and named ACFW’s 2012 Agent of the Year.

She loves discovering new talent and helping established authors to take their career to the next level.

Do you have the next project to feed her book addiction? A smart, tight read she won’t be able to put down? A signature voice she’ll fight to represent?

HEA’s are a must for romance. Mainstream suspense, thrillers, mysteries, YA and inspirational novels are welcome. A consummate science geek and card-carrying Mensa member, Nicole would love to find the next great science fiction/fantasy novel or action/adventure masterpiece.  

Currently on her wish list: high concept middle grade, any kind of romance, and really fresh voices in YA.

Nicole is a member of AAR, ACFW, RWA, and Mensa. She holds degrees in biology, psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. Like Mary Sue, Nicole taught in the public school system and has worn many hats before heeding her calling to become a literary agent–for which she will forever be indebted to Mary Sue Seymour.

 “I have the best job in the world. I read for a living and make author’s dreams come true.”


for submissions, go to:




Agent Query Connect

The following topics/categories are at  http://agentqueryconnect.com/

AQ Connect – Query Letter & Hook Corner
AQ Connect – Query Critiques
AQ Connect – Query Critique Corner Want feedback on your query letter? Create a discussion thread and post your query. Request query critiques from fellow AQ Connect members. But remember, be prepared to pay it forward.
6,811 topics
114,912 replies
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AQ Connect – Hook Critique Group
AQ Connect – Hook Critique Corner  Got hook? How ’bout in 140 characters or less? Practice summarizing your book into one concise sentence.
564 topics
3,860 replies
AQ Connect – Examples of Successful Queries
AQ Connect – Examples of Successful Queries   Here’s the place to post those queries that got you requests for partials, fulls, and even book deals.
173 topics
2,245 replies

AQ Connect – The Synopsis Critique (and How-to Q’s)
AQ Connect – Synopsis Critique  Post your one-page synopsis (maximum 1000 words) here for feedback from the AQ Connect community.
1,103 topics
6,849 replies

AQ Connect – 250 Words – What Do You Think?
AQ Connect – 250 WordsShare 250 Words for feedback.   The opening of your novel. Something you wrote five minutes ago. Promo blurb for your book. Anything goes…so long as it’s only 250 words.

If this sounds like a place you’d want to visit (which I highly recommend doing so), please use the following link:



Featured Agent: Tamar Rydzinski of Laura Dail Literary Agency

Excerpt from http://www.ldlainc.com

Tamar Rydzinski

interests: Middle-grade and young adult fiction and non-fiction of all types; adult commercial fiction (political espionage is not a good fit); adult narrative non-fiction.

Her manuscript wish list:

Tamar Rydzinski


My Manuscript Wish List Favorite

The most important thing for me when reading a manuscript is connecting to the protagonist, and I find myself connecting to characters who know (or learn) their self worth. If there’s a relationship, I want the people in the relationship to respect each other. This applies to all the manuscripts I seek to represent, whether adult or children’s. I am open to reading anything middle grade or above, except for prescriptive nonfiction. I’m probably not the right agent for humor either, though I love books that are humorous. I love interesting settings. I love books that make me think about a topic in a completely new way. Finally, I love books that are epic — epic love, epic adventure, epic failure, epic after school job, epic sibling rivalry, etc. If you can make the mundane epic, that’s amazing.


I am a huge fan of this agent!  Laura has an amazing sense of humor and a keen eye for a promising story, so I hope I can appeal to both when I am ready to query her.  That is, if she’s open to submissions by the time my baby is ready to go out into the world.

So, without further ado…

Laura Bradford, Agent and Founder

This excerpt taken from http://www.bradfordlit.com/

Laura Bradford established the Bradford Literary Agency in 2001. She considers herself an editorial-focused agent and takes a hands-on approach to developing proposals and manuscripts with her authors for the most appropriate markets. During her own misadventures as a writer, Laura came to understand the importance of having a friendly but critical eye on your side, a career strategist in your corner and a guide who can lead you through the travails of publication.

Her recent sales include books placed with Penguin Random House, Grand Central, Harlequin, Kensington, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Sourcebooks, Hyperion, and many others. She continues to actively build her client list and is currently seeking work in the following genres: Romance (historical, romantic suspense, paranormal, category, contemporary, erotic), urban fantasy, women’s fiction, mystery, thrillers, young adult, upper Middle Grade as well as some select non-fiction.

She is a member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives (AAR) and Romance Writers of America, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and she is an RWA-recognized agent.
Laura is not looking for: Picture books, chapter books, inspirational novels, poetry or screenplays

Twitter: @bradfordlit


Submission Guidelines

Featured Agent: Rachel Leftosky from The Cooke Agency

Excerpt taken from:

Rachel Letofsky, Associate Agent, is a graduate of both the Humber Creative Book Publishing Program and the University of Toronto, where she specialized in English literature. She joined The Cooke Agency in 2010. She frequently travels throughout Canada and the US to various writer’s festivals and literary events such as Bloody Words, PNWA, CanSCAIP, SiWC, VWF, NorthWords and Quick Brown Fox Writer’s Workshops to take part in quick-pitch sessions, moderate panels and host workshops for authors. Rachel is actively seeking ground-breaking and heart-breaking middle grade and YA titles in all genres. She is drawn to works with a whimsical nature or a grounded, gritty edge in equal measure, though in either instance, unforgettable characters and original concepts are a must. She also has a natural soft-spot for exquisite literary fiction. In non-fiction, Rachel is looking for narrative-driven memoirs, and anything quirky and life affirming. Rachel is particularly committed to working with previously unpublished authors in a focused, collaborative and hands-on manner. When not travelling or reading for pleasure or work, Rachel loves inventing new recipes in her kitchen under the strict supervision of Mimsy and Zam (her cat and dog), watching quest-based reality TV shows, planning for the upcoming alien/zombie invasion, and swimming in lakes and oceans as much as possible. She is on Twitter at @rachelletofsky.

Submission guidelines:

If you haven’t stopped by Pub(lishing) Crawl, now would be a good time!

Who are these awesome folks, you may ask?

They are a group of authors and publishing professionals, formerly known as Let the Words Flow who blog about all things reading, writing, books, and occasionally booze. (Their words, not mine)

I can’t say enough good things about this blog.  It’s packed full of smart, useful posts that address writing and publishing questions of all shapes and sizes.  I met a fabulous critique partner on a match up they held.  Honestly, no matter what stage of the writing game you’re at, you’ll find something of value.  I just don’t think that I can do this blog enough justice by blabbing on about it, so I would recommend clicking the link and seeing for yourself!


I met a couple critique partners through a critique partner search on this site.

Featured Agent: Daniel Lazar, Writer’s House, LLC

Actively seeking new clients

Excerpt from http://www.writershouse.com

Writers House is one of the largest literary agencies in the industry. We represent a wide range of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction.

I’m always on the lookout for distinct fiction and great, lively non-fiction. I represent adult and children’s books (for children’s books, I focus mainly on middle grade and YA). For fiction, I love stories that introduce me to new worlds — or even better, recreate ones I may already know. I especially love historical fiction of all kinds. For non-fiction, I enjoy history, memoirs, narrative non-fiction, all stripes and studies of pop-culture, and even gifty books that strike my fancy and make me smile. I’m a huge fan of graphic novels and memoirs, and am excited to hear from cartoonists of all backgrounds; illustrated or photography books are a specialty. And as the oldest child of six, plus uncle to eleven, who has changed many, many diapers in his life, I’m intrigued by any book with unique views on parenting and family life.

The best way to peg anyone’s taste is browse their bookshelf. Check out some of my clients’ books. You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter, @DanLazarAgent, where I wow & amaze the world posting what I’m reading (or listening– I love audiobooks) outside of work.

If your pages can make me hold my breath or miss my subway stop… I’d love to hear from you.

Submission guidelines:



Featured Agent: Quressa Robinson of Nelson Literary

Literary Agent
Quressa Robinson
Excerpt from:

Quressa Robinson

I’ve been an avid reader as long as I can remember. My oldest grudge stems from third grade, when the librarian’s daughter beat me out of a first-place gold medal in the summer reading challenge by two books. I was robbed! Needless to say, my competitiveness and love for books are a great match for my chosen profession. Despite originally wanting to become a pediatrician, and then a biochemist, I quickly discovered that math was my greatest nemesis and that there was an industry I could join completely devoted to books. Thus began my journey into publishing, first by getting an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia, and then by spending five years as an editor, mostly at a Big Five publisher. I joined NLA in September 2017 after spending close to a year at another agency.
I’m originally from San Francisco, but have been living in New York City for over a decade. I’m a West Coast New Yorker! I still say hella! As a New York based agent, I’m eager to build my YA and Adult lists. When I find a great book I get very invested. I fall in love. The characters begin to feel real and familiar. The story becomes a treasured member of my family (and library). It owns my heart. I have very eclectic tastes and represent a wide range of genres. I am most drawn to literary voices in commercial packages, wonderfully realized characters, untold stories from underrepresented communities, immersive world building, and complex narrative approaches/plots. Also, I am most drawn to character-driven stories and love strong voice as well. I am a huge romantic and don’t mind romance subplots outside of the romance genre.
When not curled on my couch reading, I play video games, enjoy too much TV—mostly Sailor Moon and Harry Potter (Slytherin!)—eat delicious things, drink champagne, hang out with my very clever husband, and add another “dramatic” color to my lipstick collection. So, give me stories that will make me geek out. If you can make me have an epic fangirl squee—have stories featuring fairies and warrior princesses with afros and rainbow dreads or envision winter elves inspired by an Asian or Latinx culture—then we are definitely a match. I’m also looking for stories with best friends like Molly and Issa on Insecure, enemies to lovers, coming-of-age stories, The Breakfast Club with a twist, family drama, witches (!), and alpha heroes paired with witty heroines. If you have bold, fresh, or quirky stories, they will be right up my alley. I’m also looking for stories that feel timeless and timely, despite the current climate or when they were originally written. I’m a huge re-reader. Or give me something I didn’t know I desperately needed. Above all, give me stories I can become deeply passionate about.
For more information on what I’m looking for, check out the submission guidelines http://nelsonagency.com/submission-guidelines/

Featured Agent: Emily Van Beek of Folio Jr.

Excerpt from https://www.foliojr.com/emily-van-beek/

Emily Van Beek

About Me:

I moved to New York City from Toronto armed with dual citizenship, a dream to work in children’s publishing, and inspiration from my favorite (if clichéd) Zen magnet, “Leap and the net will appear”. I became an editor at Hyperion Books for Children before deciding to explore the view from the agent’s side of the desk, where I fell head over heels in love with my role as a literary agent. I spent the next six-and-a-half years as an agent and the rights director at Pippin Properties, Inc. before joining Folio Jr. where I’m an SVP and literary agent. Some of the New York Times bestselling and award-winning clients I represent include Jenny Han, Morgan Matson, Siobhan Vivian, Adele Griffin, Philip & Erin Stead, Matthew Reinhart, Julie Morstad, and Sydney Smith as well as striking debut and emerging voices. I am an editorial agent passionate about negotiating the best deal possible, working with our esteemed subsidiary and contracts teams to squeeze as much juice out of a property as it will yield, and helping my clients to publish books that will stand the test of time.

YOUNG ADULT: I’m eager to find novels that are high concept, diverse, fantasy or magical realism, and am open to anything conceptually unique. In the realm of paranormal, adventure, and dystopian, I’m looking for something entirely unexpected. Give me something bold and fresh with a voice that’s impossible to put aside. I’m probably not the best choice for super edgy, “message”, or hard science-fiction books. What I’m really looking for is the intersection between stellar writing and plot, something that leaves me puffy eyed or laughing out loud. I am looking for emotional connection, for drama, for hope. Oh! Something else–I would love, love, LOVE to discover a FUNNY manuscript, a novel to make me LOL as Louise Rennison’s ANGUS, THONGS, AND FULL-FRONTAL SNOGGING did.

MIDDLE-GRADE: Please send me your diverse, epic, cinematic, action-packed, adventuresome, mysterious, and fast-paced novels! I’m open to almost anything within this genre, but I always bear in mind that readers in this age group are looking for fun and mischief, to learn something about life, and to escape and romp!

PICTURE BOOKS: At this time, I am exclusively, but actively interested in AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATORS as well as ILLUSTRATORS only. I adore looking through picture book dummies and portfolios–send away!

HOW TO Submit:

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